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Carmen Rainier


Raised in Orange County, CA, Carmen Rainier now calls Chicago, the birthplace of house music, her home. There are few places that can honor itself with such music distinction but Chicago is certainly one of them.  Rainier’s presence here as a smart and sexy lyricist/vocalist is a welcome addition to the Windy City, and she’s certainly not blowing a bunch of hot air.

Rainier spent most of her adult life traveling, having visited almost twenty countries, and living abroad in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Spain.  She returned to the states to complete a degree in Global Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

A brief internship in Washington DC solidified that her future was not in politics, leaving Rainier’s path undecided until a chance encounter with Gunn put her on a crash course in Music Industry 101. “It has been an intense learning curve over the last few years; there have been some big hurdles to overcome. But it’s paid off. I now feel I am on top of my game, both as an artist and in my understanding of the music business” says Rainier.

As the female counterpart to Nexus, Rainier is delivering sexy, stimulating, and provocative vocals, something EDM fans worldwide are eating up.  With lyrical lines such as “Close your eyes you’ll see me with your ears / In pitch perfect resonance / I exist within the deaf silence / Can you hear the sound of my beat,” it is no wonder Rainier is getting rave reviews for her original material.

“Carmen is as smart as she sounds,” says Gunn. “Aside from the lyrics and vocals, she runs the entire business end of what we do, including overseeing the publishing and licensing of my previously published works.”