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Nick Gunn comes from a long and successful career as a world music artist under the name Nicholas Gunn. Classically trained at the Royal School of Music in London, Gunn is primarily a flautist and percussionist. “I played kit in literally every club on Sunset Blvd when I was younger.  It was a great beginning to fuel the fire!”  To date, Gunn has released and sold over two million copies as a world music artist.

When Gunn decided to make his first album, he knew he had to learn how to produce and engineer.  “I used to drop in at Westlake Studios completely unannounced and look over the producers’ and engineers’ shoulders. They were probably wondering who the hell this kid was, but most were amazing and let me sit in and learn.”

Soon after, Gunn was sitting in his parents’ laundry room behind his own 96 input console tracking on a Studer 2 inch tape deck, splicing tape. “I’ve been through the entire incarnation of tape to DAT to ADAT to hard drive recording. I’ve seen it all!” says Gunn.

After his fifth album, Gunn decided to jump into the business side of things and started his own label, Gemini Sun Records, which was distributed exclusively by Warner Music Group/ADA, and represented over 75 like minded world music artists and titles.

So why the switch to EDM?  “Where do you go after releasing 14 albums in world music?” questions Gunn. “I have always been a huge fan of EDM and I got to the point in my career where I wanted to jump in without wasting any more time. The music Nexus is making is like an amped up version of my past career, just way cooler!”

“Nick is an amazing musician and an amazing producer,” says Rainier.  “I have never met anybody who hears music and sound the way he does.  He is a phenomenal talent who I am lucky to work with.”

For more information on Nicholas Gunn’s past world music career please visit his wikipedia at www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicholas_Gunn or his website at www.nicholasgunn.com.