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Better Off Without You

“Better Off Without You.” This is pure EDM. Creative as hell!” – John D’Angelo, Club Chaos, Strictly Dance Radio

Despite the title, you will be better off with this one. The emotional song, whose lyrics and instrumentation touches your heart, shows just how high musicality can go in a dance record. “Better Off Without You” is one of the more creative tracks you are going to hear. When I heard these two were coming out with another single, I was ready for something fresh and they did not disappoint.” – Tyler Trew, YourEDM




“’Shamelessly’ is not your ordinary electronic production, sporting an unusual time signature and a strong orchestral sound. Somehow even the synths sound as though they are originating from some acoustic musical device. A production like this tests the waters for change; experimenting with any and all elements that go into creating a song isn’t easy, but the results can be much better than your typical process.” – Tyler Trew, YourEDM

World Around Me

(We Are) Nexus’ “World Around Me” released January 28th, 2014!


It Feels So Good EP

(We Are) Nexus debut EP “It Feels So Good” is a crest twist on Sonique’s classic 1998 Trance hit in the same name with 6 smoking hot remixes. Released August 15th, 2013.